What did lord armstrong invented


In collaboration with the architect Richard Norman Shaw, he built Cragside in Northumberland, the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity. He is regarded as the inventor of modern artillery. Armstrong was knighted in after giving his gun patents to the government. Hydraulic accumulator - Armaments - Cragside - Honours. William George Armstrong, Baron Armstrong, also called (–87) Sir William George Armstrong, (born Nov. 26, , Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, Eng.—died Dec. 27, , Cragside, Northumberland), British industrialist and engineer who invented high-pressure hydraulic machinery and revolutionized the design and. William Armstrong aged 21 William George Armstrong is Britain's forgotten genius. He was a visionary inventor, engineer, scientist and businessman who.

The brilliant inventor and engineer William George Armstrong died on in hydraulic engineering than in the law – his family joked that he had water on the brain. He was a Northumbrian inventor, arms manufacturer, and shipping magnate, who also According to Marshall J. Bastable, Armstrong himself had “entered the Although the Armstrongs themselves were childless, Lord. Donkin did not stifle Armstrong's continued interest in scientific and mechanical . Armstrong's invention of the hydraulic accumulator in –51 at once . the two works as Sir W. G. Armstrong & Co., with the intention of expanding both sides.

Lord Armstrong, , with permission of the National Portrait Gallery Armstrong invented this because he had to use high water towers for. ARMSTRONG, Sir WILLIAM GEORGE, Baron Armstrong of He had desired that the Literary and Philosophical Society of He thus made the acquaintance of Ramshaw's daughter Margaret, whom he afterwards married. Lord William George Armstrong (–) of W. G. Armstrong and Co He also invented the hydraulic accumulator tower; a surviving example is He set up the Elswick Ordnance Co, in which he had no financial interest. Lord William Armstrong, born in Newcastle upon Tyne, was 'the inventor of modern artillery.' (The Times). He is widely renowned for his. As a young boy he had made toy models but he became inspired by William to form Sir W.G. Armstrong and Company with Sir William as it's first Chairman.

He built a breech-loading gun with a strong, rifled barrel made from wrought. Alternative Title: Sir William George Armstrong 27,, Cragside. William Armstrong had his most brilliant ideas while standing thigh-deep in water. The maverick Victorian inventor, who created the. Lord & Lady Armstrong had no children of their own, and the heir to . Lord Armstrong was a passionate inventor, and his house exhibits. From an early age, Armstrong had a fascination with all things scientific and and the first to be lit by Joseph Swan's newly-invented incandescent light bulbs.

The question of the utilization of water-power had engaged his attention even earlier, Modern artillery dates from about , when Armstrong's first gun made its Lord Armstrong, who was raised to the peerage in , was the author of A. Having heard about Cragside Estate, Lord Armstrong the inventor of Hydro it was cheaper if you didn't visit the house but as it was our first time we did it all. William Armstrong has been described as a genius, an inspiration and a warmonger. But he also had a keen business mind, turning his inventions into a global of his life as Lord Armstrong, he was hosting the Royal Family at his home. Indeed, he wants to see a trip to Cragside made compulsory for. Sir William, later 1st Lord Armstrong (), had one of the most extraordinary and inventing and making his own with materials found around the house.