Equine whole body vibration therapy


A pilot study examines if whole-body vibration therapy is effective for treating chronic lameness. Whole-body vibration has gained popularity as a complementary therapy for treating chronic lameness in horses. With this treatment, the horse stands on a large platform that literally vibrates. Results of four whole-body vibration plate studies show little physiologic benefits, but brought forth questions about possible mental and pain. This type of therapy is termed whole body vibration therapy (WBVT). Vibration plates are becoming very popular in both the human and equine.

Equivibe specializes in Equine Whole Body Vertical Vibration Plates for Animal Therapy and Injury Prevention. Contact us today for more info. Reasons for performing study: Whole body vibration exercise. (WBV), or 'power vibration plate, the induced body vibration and muscular activity in limbs and. Utilizing Whole Body Vibration Therapy in Your Equine Bodywork Practice. Whole body vibration therapy (WBVT) has been utilized and researched in humans since the late 's. Astronauts have been using vibrating platforms since the 60's to decrease muscle atrophy and bone density loss in space.

Vitafloor is the original inventor of the Equine Vibration Plate, Vitafloor's vibration platforms are Vibration Platform for Horses Whole Body Vibration Training. that (WBV) a significant Two whole therapy new body studies effect may vibration on not suggest lame- have ness, but it can help horses relax. Whole body vibration exercise (WBV) has been introduced into human and recently vibration of a commercially available WBV- plate itself and on the horse as. Four universities studied the physiological effects that whole-body vibration (WBV ) has on horses of different classes. The results showed little. A research group at the University of Western Ontario studying the effects of high- frequency, low amplitude whole-body vibration (WBV) on the joint tissues of.

Heart rate in horses before and after min of whole body vibration. .. increase in heart rate, while on the vibration plate, would indicate a. subjected to stalling and either whole body vibration (VIB) or light exercise control .. The effects of vibration therapy on bone diminish with distance from the. Help Your Horses Thrive! Learn More about EquiVibe Equine Therapy and Get a $ Discount on Your EquiVibe Vibration Platform. ISELP, of Peninsula Equine Medical Center, in Menlo Park, California, subjected 10 horses to whole body vibration (WBV) for 30 minutes per.

Learn how our three equine athletes went from "washed up to winning" with EquiVibe. Get your $ Discount now at www. Effect of two months whole body vibration on hoof growth rate in the horse: A pilot study. (1)Peninsula Equine Medical Center, Menlo Park, CA , USA. therapeutic modality to accelerate hoof growth in the horse. As hypothesized, whole body vibration (WBV) appears to be a viable additional trainings/ therapy tool, not only for human but also for horses. Vitafloor Vibration training, tendons and bone Whole Body Vibration Training Vitafloor is a proven and highly effective therapy for horses and is widely.

Whole body vibration (WBV) Horsepower Plate. the Equine industry, yet it is already proving to be a useful and beneficial therapy in the rehabilitation and well.